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Lots of people have a love/hate relationship with their website. Maybe you hate the way it looks, or it's too difficult to update, or you're not getting the amount of traffic/sales that you'd like. I can help you diagnose and solve the problem.

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  • Matt was generous to share his expertise when I asked him to help me create a clear and effective website. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and feel it's a real asset as I move forward with this new phase of my business. Many thanks, Matt!

    Jon Sunde
    Jon Sunde, JE Sunde
  • Matt Banker helped design and build a website for a non-profit organization, Camp Nathanael in Hinckley, MN, that was user-friendly, simple to navigate, and he proactively helped with the creative aspects of content on the site. Working with him was a highly positive experience and I would recommend Matt and Banker Creative to anyone needing to build a website or any other promotional materials for their business.

    Randy Ralston
    Randy Ralston, Camp Nathanael Board Chair
  • I have been in the software consulting industry for 30 years, I found Matt has the attributes of an excellent senior principal consultant. He has wide and deep knowledge of what a web site can do and how to best use social media, along with technical skills to set up and execute, laid out a good plan clearly in his proposal, and communicated in a timely manner.

    Jim Haugen
    Jim Haugen, Software Consultant/Project Manager


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One Thing Today

This is a simple series of things you can do to improve your website today. I keep the posts short and to the point. If you want help implementing any of these ideas, get in touch and start a conversation about your project. 

Make Stronger Passwords

Make Stronger Passwords

Warning: this post is going to be a bit longer than I like to do on this blog, but it's a topic that comes up a lot. Whenever the topic of passwords comes up at least 50% of the people I talk to (friends, family, clie ...

Cut Your Text In Half

Cut Your Text In Half

Studies of internet usage have taught us that people do not read web pages the way they read printed material. They (we) scan sites, we don't read them. Our eyes are drawn to headlines and bullet points, and we tend t ...

Ask Them To Buy

Ask Them To Buy

Most people hate "Sales". The last thing you want to be is the pushy, salesy guy. You probably pride yourself on great work (or great products) and great customer service and you want your website to reflect that. But.. ...