Most people hate “Sales”. The last thing you want to be is the pushy, salesy guy. You probably pride yourself on great work (or great products) and great customer service and you want your website to reflect that.


You must have a clear “Buy Now” or “Hire Now” button on the front page of your website, above the fold (that’s before your have to scroll).

Don’t be ashamed that your product or service is for sale, and don’t make it difficult for your customer to find out how to get whatever it is you’re selling or offering.

For some businesses a “sale” isn’t the next step for a potential customer, maybe you want them to call you to get an estimate or set up an appointment. Whatever your preferred action is from your client ASK THEM TO DO THAT.

The best place to put your call-to-action button is in the upper right corner of your web page. Eye-mapping studies have shown that people instinctively look to that part of the page to find contact information or a “Purchase button.”

If you need help getting a clear CTA on your website contact me.