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How to generate traffic to your StoryBrand landing page for lawyers

Benji Albrecht is a Storybrand guide and the head of his own marketing strategy company. Specializing in SEO and CRO for his clients, Albrecht has helped many law firms optimize their marketing and provided useful strategy for marketing in the real world. One thing he realized: StoryBrand was amazing once it got people to your…
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how to choose a storybrand guide

How to Choose a Certified Storybrand Guide

When Storybrand first started Certifying Guides in spring 2017, there were less than 30 Guides in the directory, now there are more than 500. Despite the best efforts of Storybrand central, it’s not easy to filter the directory to find the best fit for you. The most difficult thing to determine is: how good are…

google might be lying

Google Analytics Might Be Lying to You

The internet is changing. We’re changing with it. As the internet has matured it’s harder and harder to sort through the mountains of information to find actual helpful opinions. I don’t want a list of the “10 best project management tools.” Because now I still have to research each of those 10 to figure out…

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Fix Your Website First

There are a million places you can go with marketing strategies, but only one place you should start.  Everyone needs more leads, right? That’s what marketing is all about. So what do they do about it? They invest in SEO, paid search, social media, lead gen campaigns, outbound tactics, and even cold calls. Does it…

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What’s the best marketing strategy?

You can’t do everything, it’s time to find what works, then do it really, really well. The best marketing strategy is the one you commit to. There are nearly limitless marketing tactics that you can invest your time and money into. That can be problematic when faced with a limited budget and limited time. You’re going…

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Published is better than perfect.

There’s a lot at stake with your marketing. It’s the first chance you have to introduce who and what you are to a public who may not have any familiarity with you. That’s a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, we see folks use this as an excuse to not get the job done.  Everyone is searching…

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3 Marketing Strategy Essentials: how to stay focused

We see so many companies chase the newest marketing strategies. These tactics aren’t necessarily bad – indeed, stuff like SEO, social media, and email funnels were “new” at one point and are now tried and true techniques for getting leads. And yet, if you haven’t answered three fundamental ideas for your customers it won’t matter…

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Is Your Marketing Audience Pre-Intent or Post-Intent?

Companies waste money every single day putting their marketing materials in front of the wrong marketing audience because they don’t answer one question: Is our audience pre-intent or post-intent? The wrong message at the wrong stage of the journey isn’t just a faux pas, it’s a complete waste of time. On the other hand, knowing…

Your Marketing (2)

Your Marketing Doesn’t Need to be Complicated: How to Execute The One Page Marketing Plan

Most companies engage in what we call, “random acts of marketing.” They’re doing some things right, but not in a way that’s compelling or driving revenue. Instead of treating their marketing like an educated investment, they’re treating it like a slot machine. Here’s the thing: people lose a lot of money at slot machines.  It’s…

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The Attribution Mirage: Why Traditional Marketing Stats Don’t Show the Full Picture of B2B Marketing

Successful content marketing seems straightforward, and it can be, but you need to figure out these four roles ahead of time to be truly successful for your clients