Websites & Digital Marketing

Develop a Strategic

Marketing Blueprint

Every business needs a solid foundation for their marketing:

  • A clear & concise marketing message
  • Credible visual branding
  • A deliberate plan for marketing

Without these pieces in place, the rest of your marketing dollars will be wasted.

  • Messaging for Sales & Marketing

    We work with you to develop clear messaging for your core offering(s) using the StoryBrand 7-part Framework. This serves as the foundation for all other marketing efforts. Possible deliverables:

    Core message guide (BrandScript)
    Elevator pitch
    Headlines & sub-headlines
    Social media descriptions
    Email signatures

    Starting at: $2450

  • Visual Branding Identity

    A crisp, consistent visual identity for your brand will help build credibility and trust. Possible deliverables:

    Visual style guide
    Logo design or refresh
    Social media branding assets

    Starting at: $1450

  • Marketing Plan

    The cost of marketing can add up quickly. That's why it is important to be thoughtful and strategic about where you put your dollars. We take time to understand your customers and help you determine how to get the best ROI with your marketing dollars. 

    Starting at: $4850

Build the


Once you have a solid marketing plan and you branding/messaging in place, you need to develop the structures that will turn your leads into customers. Usually the key pieces are:

  • Website
  • Lead generator & email capture
  • Automated email sales sequence
  • Explainer Video
  • Website Development

    We build you a new, easy to manage WordPress website. We take it from start to finish including:

    Layout, copy, & wireframes
    Design & development
    Domain routing & launch
    Google analytics
    and more...

    Starting at: $7500

  • Simple Marketing Funnel

    We will help you develop a high-value asset (like an ebook) for your visitors to download in exchange for their email address, and a series of emails designed to develop trust and move them towards a purchase. Deliverables: 

    Lead-generating PDF eBook
    Automated email sales sequence

    Starting at: $4850

  • Explainer Video

    We will help you develop a marketing video (based on your BrandScript) to be used on your website and social media accounts. 

    2-minute explainer video
    30-second trailer
    Testimonial videos

    Starting at: $3850

Attract the right


Just like there is no point in spending money to send prospects to a website that is not converting, it's also a waste to fix your website if you have no plan for how people will find it.

You need authoritative content and advertising, seen by the right audience, to get them to your website and into your sales pipeline.

  • Social Media

    Social media can be a key channel for attracting the ideal customer for your company. We help you determine what platforms you should be on, how you should be engaging your audience, and help you develop then content you need. 

    Social media calendar/content plan
    Analytics & reporting
    Organic social media posting
    Social media advertising
    And more...

    Starting at: $2450/month

  • Content Marketing

    It is important to create regular content for both social media and Google search purposes. We help take your ideas and turn them into content that can be used across multiple platforms and in multiple contexts so you get the most mileage out of everything produced. 

    Weekly or monthly blog post
    Email newsletter or nurturing content
    Video content

    Starting at: $1250/month

  • SEO & Paid Search

    When it makes sense for our clients to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or paid search (Google Adwords), we turn to one of our strategic partners who focus on SEO for Storybranded websites. 

    Starting at: $1000/month

See our marketing services

in action


Real results with The Amish Craftsman:

"In one month we saw a 121% increase in website users, 4.3% increase in number of sessions per user, and 47% increase in average time on page. Conversions were up 900% and trackability increased by 860%."

StoryBrand Coaching & Consulting Services

StoryBrand is a marketing company that has developed a 7-part framework that helps companies create clear and compelling messages that spread like wildfire. They (and we) believe you don’t have to come off as a pushy salesman to move product.

People don't buy the best product available, they buy the one that they can most clearly understand. As a certified StoryBrand Guide, our lead consultant Matt Banker works directly with company owners and marketing people to clarify their message using the StoryBrand 7-part framework.

Storybrand Certified Guide
  • BrandScript Work

    Let me help you edit or develop your marketing BrandScript using the StoryBrand 7-part Framework.


  • StoryBrand Coaching/Consulting

    Get direct feedback on how you marketing collateral aligns with StoryBrand principles.