Banker Creative Website Pricing

Banker Creative Website Pricing

Many agencies are afraid to reveal their price points.
We believe transparency is the foundation of trust.

How Much Does a Storybrand Website Cost?

Over-Simplified Answer: $15k

What goes into a 10-page website: BrandScript, Wireframe, Design, Build-out, Revisions, Launch, Project Management, Premium Website Plugins.

The people with the skills required: StoryBrand Guide, Project Manager, Designer, WordPress Developer

How long it takes: 11-16 weeks, 100-140 hours of labor.

Here's the more in-depth answer: 90% of marketing agencies don't address pricing at all on their websites, and every agency offers somewhat different strategies and services, so it can be difficult to compare one agency to another.

In most cases, price should not be the primary factor in determining who you hire (see how to find a right-fit marketer). Marketing agencies are not interchangeable. It's important to find a marketing partner that has the right strategy for your business and has the best chance of generating real ROI.

The main difference between an agency that does "Storybrand websites" (like Banker Creative) and most other web design firms is that we help you WRITE your website, as well as design and develop it. Most agencies ask you to provide the content (which is often the hardest part). 

"Storybrand" is a premium marketing service and usually comes at a premium price. Only a small fraction of web designers are trained and certified as Storybrand Guides. 

All that being said, our prices are in line with mid-sized web design agencies. The average blended rate for a B2B marketing agency in the US is $150-$200 per hour. We give you a flat-fee quote for projects (we don't usually bill hourly), but we use a $125/hr blended rate to help us determine our fees. 

See how we stack up against other agencies, and here is a longer article about how much a website costs.

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Two Paths

We understand not all organizations can afford our website pricing, and we don't want you to waste your time if budget constraints make it unrealistic.

It is also important to know that any agency that gives you a quote without doing research and discovery, is just guessing. You may end up paying a lot more than you need to, or you might find yourself needing a lot more than what the agency scoped for. We handle this problem by offering the following two website pathways:


01. Off the Shelf Website

Having built over 130 StoryBrand websites over the course of 5 years we have been able to create pre-scoped plans for websites under 10-pages.

What's Included:

  • Site Map
  • StoryBrand BrandScript
  • Wireframes and Copywriting
  • Stock Photos
  • Design & Development
  • Basic On-Site SEO
  • Site Speed, Analytics & Security
  • WordPress Training

Cost: $15k

This is a good option if you:

  • Have a new business with no website yet
  • Need a redesign for a website with less than 10 pages (not including blog posts).

02. Custom Website

Most websites require custom scope and planning. An audit of your current website and a blueprint report with recommendations and pricing for a full website redesign.

What's Included:

  • Everything from the "Off the Shelf" plan +
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Custom Functionality
  • Additional Pages as Needed
  • Competitor Website Analysis
  • Lead Source Recommendations (premium)
  • Content Strategy Recommendations (premium)
  • SEO Audit and Recommendations (premium)

Website Blueprint: $2.5k

Website: $15k - $30k

This is a good option if your:

  • Current website has more than 10 pages (not including blog posts)
  • Website relies on SEO for current traffic

The Plan

1. We Help You Plan Your Website

Choose one of our off-the-shelf options or work with us to create a custom website project plan.

2. We Write Words That Sell

Work with a hand-picked Certified Storybrand Guide to hone your Brandscript, develop the messaging, and write your new website.

3. We Design & Build It Beautifully

Our in-house team will walk you through the design and development phases and ensure a smooth process to create a website that elevates your brand and amplifies your message.

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Website Support and Misc.

Website Hosting & Support

Our website support packages start at $250/month and include web hosting, daily backups, SSL certificate, plugin/theme updates, security monitoring, and 6 flexible support hours per year.

Website hosting and support are optional. We do not require you to continue hosting with us after we build your site.

Other Services

We are a website design & development shop. We take on website "projects" where we write, design, and build websites, and we offer ongoing website "support". We don't do ongoing SEO, PPC. social media management, or paid social campaigns, but many of the Storybrand Guides that we work with offer those services. We can also give you a referral.

Some of the other services/deliverables that we do offer are:

  • Email sales sequence writing. Starting at $2500
  • eBook, proposal, and pitch deck writing and design. Starting at $2500
  • Logo and brand identity - Starting at $5000

Hourly Work

Most of our work is project-based and priced based on value and deliverables not on hourly rates. However, when we don't believe we can accurately predict the scope or complexity of a project we may bill hourly. These rates also factor into how we scope and price larger projects.


Creative & Implementation


Design, copywriting, video, website updates, layout, and development, technical support for WordPress, plugins, or integrations, and project management.


Strategy & Coaching


Storybrand work, marketing consulting, campaign planning, analytics, reporting


Pricing Sheet & Service Offerings

We’re not the cheapest agency out there (but we’re also not the most expensive). We are always transparent about our pricing, so you’ll never get billed for something you weren’t expecting.