Our Website Process

Every successful journey needs a map and guide.
Here's the map. We'll provide the guide.

Step 1

Plan Your Website

Marketing can too easily feel like a black hole that you throw money into hoping that good results will get spit back out. We only want to take on projects that we believe will be a net gain for our clients. We want you to be our next great testimonial that we can feature on our website.

The key to a successful website redesign is having a good website process. We have off-the-shelf plans that are pre-scoped and more or less plug-and-play, or we can create a custom Website Blueprint for you.

A Website Blueprint will include a sitemap, a list of plugins (or functionality) needed, which pages need to be wireframed, edited, and/or written, who will do the writing/editing/wireframing for each page, what kinds of integrations with 3rd party software are needed, and a basic analysis of your competitor's websites.

More advanced plans may include marketing and lead source recommendations, an SEO audit, and a content strategy.

When we all have a clear understanding of our goals and what it's going to take to get us there, everyone is happier, and the website design process goes more smoothly.

Investment: $2,500

Timeline: 2-4 Weeks

Deliverables: Website Blueprint


Website Blueprint Guarantee: We fully guarantee our Website Blueprint projects. If you’re not happy with your Blueprint, pay us what you thought it was worth or pay us nothing at all. You can also take your Blueprint to another agency or freelancer to do the implmenetation.

Step 2

Write Your Website

Getting the right words for your website is the most important step. There is no point in spending time and money to design a site that looks beautiful but doesn't convert.

You will work with a Certified Storybrand Guide to develop or refine your Brandscript. They will then create a home page wireframe with all the headlines, subheadlines, paragraph text, call-to-action buttons, and anything else that should go on the front page of your site to make it an effective selling machine.

Next, they will help you gather, refine, edit, and wireframe the content for the interior pages of the site, based on the pre-established site map.

Once all of the content for the site is written and approved, we will move to the design phase.

Timeline: 6 Weeks

Deliverables: Brandscript, One-liner, Website Wireframes

Step 3

Design & Build Your Website

You will start by filling out a design questionnaire and meet with one of our designers, who will then create 2-3 design-style explorations for you to choose from. All of our websites are custom designed (no pre-designed templates) so your company stands out from the noise.

Once a style is chosen and approved our development team will build out your website using the writing from Step 2 and your chosen design, followed by feedback, revisions, mobile optimization, a quality assurance and functionality check, and finally launching your new site.

Timeline: 6 Weeks

Deliverables: WordPress Website

Step 4 (optional)

Support Your Website

Before launching your site we can either set you up with your own hosting, or you can hire Banker Creative to continue to host and maintain your site. Our website support packages include web hosting, daily backups, SSL certificate, plugin/theme updates, security monitoring, and 6 flexible support hours per year.

Website hosting and support are optional. We do not require you to continue hosting with us after we build your site.

Investment: $250/month

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