Jeb Williamson CPA



J Williamson needed to attract a new kind of client. They were moving away from their tax-focused approach to a more all-encompassing monthly accounting focus. They needed a complete rebrand, and it started with their website. This was a big deal, J Williamson wanted to project a new image and their site was key to that idea.


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First, we conducted a series of meetings where we formed a brandscript with J Williamson to find the messaging that would attract the clients they wanted -- not the kind they had. This informed the design process where we created a new logo and style guide that emphasized a clean, simple look to complement their messaging. We then created a marketing funnel, drafting an ebook to help them start their email list so they could passively collect sales leads directly from their website.

Some interior pages of the ebook "The Internet is Open"

The Internet is Open

How to Get More Sales with a Marketing Funnel

Your business deserves to be around for the long haul.

That’s why we created this guide. Get more sales with a strong marketing funnel. We’ll show you how.

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