Roof Razor



Roof Razor had just purchased a company with a great product -- but a terrible website. That mattered because this was a specialty product with high e-commerce potential. People needed to know about their product before they bought it, and the current website wasn’t doing it. Roof Razor needed help, and with snow season quickly approaching -- they needed it fast.


Website | Rebranding | Logo | Ecommerce

After a few meetings to hash out their brandscript, we built a site that could educate potential buyers so that Roof Razor didn’t have to do the heavy lifting (snow shovel pun heavily implied). We brought their website into the 21st century, picking a more fitting color scheme and implementing a graphic design overhaul while helping them integrate e-commerce functionality into their site. Roof Razor is a great product, and they finally have a website to match.

After screenshot of Roof Razor's website.
Before screenshot of Roof Razor's website.

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