Why StoryBrand websites still need good design

Apr 28, 2023

Imagine you’ve gone to a work interview and you’re totally prepared. You have the right experience, you’ve gone over every question you think they might ask – you’re ready to nail that interview and get the job. There’s only one problem. You’re in a suit that doesn’t fit right. Maybe it’s too big, maybe it’s too small. Maybe it’s all wrinkly. So here’s the question: will you still get the job? 

It’s unfortunate, but we live in a shallow world. We always say don’t judge a book by its cover, but when you don’t have anything else to go on, a good cover is really important. That’s sort of the same idea when someone looks at your website.

Your business may have all the right experience, they may sell the exact right product for your potential clients – but if it doesn’t look good or is hard to navigate, then you’re going to be in big trouble when it comes to actual sales. Let’s talk about why well written websites STILL need a good design to get it done. 

A well-designed website will teach people how to read your copy

You’ve heard the term UX, or user experience, thrown around a lot – and that’s important. There’s a visual hierarchy to everything on your site. Having good design will allow your users to navigate your site with ease to find what they’re looking for. That also means they’ll have more bandwidth to, you know, engage with your content. 

Good design is more than just a “pretty” website, it’s a website that’s been specifically designed for your users to navigate your content so that they can interact with it the way it was intende.d 

Credibility is important

Look, we mentioned this before but a website’s design can have a huge impact on your branding and credibility. It’s not just about “looking nice” a visually appealing website conveys a sense of trustworthiness and legitimacy. A poorly designed, unprofessional website looks, well, untrustworthy. 

Your website needs to work in two distinct mediums

Most people don’t use a desktop to navigate the internet – they use their phone. With more and more people accessing the web this way, it’s crucial that your website is designed to be mobile friendly. 

Great design helps SEO

You probably were aware that search engines like Google use your copy to understand the best way to index your site. What you may not know is that good design also impacts SEO. Page loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and user engagement are all important aspects of SEO that can be made (or broken) by good design. 

Questions? Contact us today. We’re a StoryBrand and TAYA influenced agency, with the design chops to make sure your website always looks as good as it sounds. 

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