Best Storybrand Guides

Mar 16, 2022

There really isn’t a “best Storybrand Guide”. There are different reasons to choose to work with different Guides.

Banker Creative is not the right fit for every client. We’re too expensive for some clients, and the strategies we use are not suited to every type of business. We primarily serve B2B professional service companies (like accounting firms, payroll providers, and consulting agencies). We use the Storybrand messaging framework, They Ask You Answer content strategy, and in-feed demand generation (mostly on LinkedIn).

The good news is there are other talented marketers we can recommend. This is a list of Storybrand Guides, agencies, and other marketers who have a specific niche industry or specialty. Some of their services overlap with what we do at Banker Creative but might be a better fit if your needs aren’t aligned with what we do.

LifeX Marketing

Focus: Storybrand SEO
Storybrand and proper SEO tactics are not in conflict. LifeX Marketing does a great job doing local and national SEO for contractors and manufacturers.

Ink & Key

Focus: Naming brands and products.
If you don’t yet have a name for your company, brand, or new product, talk to Ink & Key.

Sarah Hackman

Focus: Print and layout design. Creative direction.
Sarah Hackman is a great resource if you need help with print or if you have a web developer, but you need someone to give design direction.

Magic Words

 Rachel Zurer of Magic Words focuses on strategy and copywriting for heart-driven/conscious capitalism businesses.

Hepburn Creative

Hepburn Creative is a video production agency that uses the Storybrand framework to create high-end videos for businesses and non-profits.


Minneapolis branding agency Sussner does great work developing visual brands (including logo design) and more for businesses.

Kevin Friedberg

Kevin writes websites. Can’t get much clearer than that.


Elian Acker at Sparx360 is a non-profit and email marketing expert. If you need a fundraising strategy and have an email list, run don’t walk.

Paige Worthy

Paige Worthy is her real name, so she was obviously born to write. Work with Paige if you want more personality (and maybe some cussing) in your brand voice.

Personal branding is a whole different thing, and I’m glad Macy Robison of UpLight is doing it, not us. UpLight is where you go when your company is basically an individual (speakers, musicians, authors, etc).

Caffeine Marketing

A digital marketing agency built for software companies. Evan Knox’s team at Caffeine Marketing is also highly skilled in all things paid ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, etc).

Thomas Bennett Web Group

If you need custom-coded solutions, API integrations, or have website challenges that require high levels of technical skill to solve, Thomas Bennett’s team will take care of you.

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