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People are Shallow: Why well-written websites still need good design

You read the title, you get the idea. Is there more nuance to it than that? Absolutely. That said, if you’re spending a ton of time getting your copy together with StoryBrand or TAYA or whatever system you use, but aren’t spending that time on the design of your website – well, you’re not going…
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Matt Banker "3 Design Concepts to Improve Your Website's Effectiveness"

3 Design Concepts to Improve Your Website’s Effectiveness

Banker Creative founder Matt Banker shares some easy tricks you can implement today to improve your website’s performance. We just redesigned a website for Hope International School, which is what we’ll use as an example for how to boost your site’s effectiveness. In this video we’ll show you how to create a call-to-action that converts,…

Lara Banker "What Should I Spend on Marketing Part 3"

What Should I Spend on Marketing? Part 3

In the final video of our series on marketing budgets, Marketing Director Lara Banker reviews the last steps to preparing your marketing budget, including choosing the best tactics to focus on. At this point you should have conducted an internal analysis and marketing audit, and decided on how much you want to spend on marketing…

Lara Banker "What Should I Spend on Marketing Part 2"

What Should I Spend on Marketing? Part 2

How much of your total revenue should you allocate to your marketing budget? Should that change during the pandemic? In this video, Marketing Director Lara Banker will walk through what questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on how much you’ll spend on marketing, even during our new normal. Everything in the world has…

Lara Banker "What Should I Spend on Marketing Part 1"

What Should I Spend on Marketing? Part 1

Is your marketing making you money? If not, what should you spend on marketing in order to get the right ROI? This is video one of a three part series on how to create a marketing budget that actually makes you money. Marketing Director Lara Banker will walk through how to go through a marketing…


The Only 5 Pages Your Website Needs

Banker Creative Founder, Matt Banker, identifies a few simple tips on how to improve your website and increase sales by using the right structure. Whether you are offering and product or a service, there are 5 pages your website needs for success. In it you’ll learn: – How to build trust through your home page…

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Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

Nine times out of ten, when a client comes to us saying social media advertising didn’t work for them, it’s because of a segmentation problem. This video will teach you how to grab the right eyeballs (no, not literally, gross) and turn them into loyal fans. Check out this short audience segmentation guide from our…